Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LES Galleries Reaction

          When visiting the Lower East Side galleries, I definitely felt there to be a stark difference in relation to the galleries in Chelsea. Spatially, the rooms felt more varied in their arrangement, not resembling the “white cube” spaces in Chelsea. Additionally, the LES galleries had a converted/industrial look, which instilled a more comfortable feeling than the sterilized “white cubes” of Chelsea. One gallery even had the smell of burning incense which contributed to this casual makeshift environment.

Bosi Contemporary Gallery
I noticed that several of the exhibitions contained works of several artists, not just one as in Chelsea, and the choices of medium also varied. For example, the Castle Fiztjohns and Bosi Contemporary galleries exhibited works by several different artists who used numerous different mediums such as, resin, mixed media, cloth, silicone and satin. I found there to be more installations using three-dimensional objects or video monitors, as in the Bosi Contemporary and Shin galleries.
Shin Gallery
Hyon Gyon Park
Satin and Silicone on Canvas
56 x 80 in.

Because of the LES galleries’ industrial look, I do feel that the environment would cater to a more casual art viewer-maybe a curator who is interested in collecting interesting pieces from “up and coming” artists.  Chelsea tends to exhibit more established artists which probably forces people to try and rush in order to see as much as they can, LES has a more relaxed ambiance-if not for the fact that they contain a lower mass of galleries to choose from. The LES galleries are located in an area not strictly devoted to art; juxtaposed with restaurants, clothing stores, etc. providing a different tone of setting when viewing the artworks.

Bosi Contemporary Gallery
André Feliciano
"Photographic Fruit (2012 Harvest)"
archival inkjet print mounted in dibond with museum glass
23.6 x 31.5 in.
         Overall, the location and ambiance of both the Chelsea and LES galleries did not affect my view of the artworks inhabiting them. Although, atmospheric impressions of a gallery space may influence your general experience, I felt that the art within the walls are what had the most lasting affect.

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
"Original Sin"
Jeff Champion
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
Sam Tufnell
"Lucky, Piss, and Red Gnomess"
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
Jake Lamagno
"Baboon is Bright"

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